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Mammoth Museum: Hayden Cabin By Christian Willis

Nearly a week after returning to Mammoth Lakes, CA from our Bodie excursion, we attended the town’s Fourth of July parade, where we were treated to a Navy F-18 flyover, and all kinds of festooned vehicles, including one from the Mammoth Museum. Intrigued, the next day we decided to visit the historic Hayden Cabin. Located just a few blocks from the parade route on Old Mammoth Road, the rustic 1920s log cabin is situated in a picturesque spot right on the bank of Mammoth Creek. We walked around the grounds, and as we entered the cabin, my gaze was immediately drawn upwards. Lining the walls of the room was a collection of—yep, you guessed it— glass insulators. I introduced myself to docent Mary Canada and asked her about them. They aren’t sure how they came to be included as part of the exhibits, but it’s possible that the cabin owner was a collector, or they were found on the property or around town. We may never know, but it’s good to see insulators represented as part of Mammoth Lakes’ history! I told her all about the National Insulator Association.

I counted about 27 pieces in all, representing a fairly good range of manufacturers, colors and styles, including Hemingray, Brookfield, Star, Whitall Tatum, and Lynchburg. CDs primarily consisted of 102, 115, 106, 133, 134, 152 and 154. There were even a couple of true green pieces that stood out. I informed her that most of them probably dated to the 1900s-1930s, which would fit the time frame in which the cabin was built.

The exhibits showing local history were well laid out and engaging, and the cabin and grounds are kept in immaculate condition. It’s well worth a visit if you’re in the Mammoth Lakes area! The Mammoth Museum at Hayden Cabin is located at 5489 Sherwin Creek Rd., Mammoth Lakes, CA 93546. Hours of operation are 10AM-6PM daily, from Memorial Weekend through September. Phone: (760)-934-6918. Website: Admission is free, but donations are encouraged. Special thanks to Mary Canada for showing us around, and teaching us history about the area! 


Southern Mono Historical Society to Display in Mall

by Steve Speidel 3/17/14

Recent efforts by the Southern Mono Historical Society Board have resulted in creating two display areas within the Minaret Village Shopping Center mall.  The first is the “bay window” of the old Access retail space and the other area is inside the mall behind the Vons Pharmacy.  The SMHS Board would like to thank the mall management for the opportunity to display historic photos from the Mammoth Lakes area past.  Also a special “Thank You” to Blue Bird Imaging & Moments for all the help they have provided in getting this project started.  The displays will include reprints of old photos of interest, a map to the Hayden Cabin/Mammoth Museum, seasonal hours of operation, a smart phone QR Code link to our website and logos of our partners (USFS, Mono County, & Town of Mammoth Lakes).  It is anticipated that the displays and exhibits will be up and ready for viewing this spring.  The displays will provide us with the ability to reach a wider audience and drive more people to visit the Hayden Cabin/Mammoth Museum and learn about our fascinating past.  Please drop by and take a look.