The Hayden Cabin

The Hayden Cabin was a hunting and fishing lodge.  Beds and meals were offered on a limited basis.  Would you stay here?  Many of the hunters and fishermen who used Emmett Hayden as a guide, stayed right here.  Three of the four bedrooms were available for rent.  Others camped on the grounds.  Margaret kept the cabin and cooked for guests.  The cabin was the scene of many social gatherings.

The Hayden Map Company

From the early 1920’s, Emmett Hayden operated the “Hayden Map Company”.  This business started with property maps and land surveys in the exploding Los Angeles housing market of the time.  After starting up a summer business in Mammoth Lakes, the eternal questions about where to hunt, fish, hike, or other forms of recreation, led to the evolution of the Hayden Map Company as a producer of recreational maps and custom brochures. Emmett also made large mural maps.

1952 Arcularius Ranch Map.JPG

If you’d like your own map from the Hayden Map Company, we have copies of some of the original maps for sale in our store during the summer!

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Hayden Cabin Becoming a Museum

Step back in time with the Southern Mono Historic Society and explore our 80 year old log cabin - which houses our Town Museum - built by hand by Emmett and Margaret Hayden next to Mammoth Creek. Learn what it was like to live in this historic cabin and the rich and long history of our region. 
Our exhibits include the Native American era, miners, prospectors and gold during our short gold rush, the rise and fall of Mammoth City, and the early development of Mammoth Mountain and our Town.
We invite you to visit us at the Mammoth Museum at the Hayden Cabin.

Come visit us at the cabin to learn more about the history and view our exhibits!